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NH2 – Probabilistic and Reliability Analysis


NH2 software (Probabilistic and Reliability Analysis) is used for the probabilistic analysis of generation and transmission reliability of large hydrothermal systems. It is one of the main software programs available in the world for this purpose.

It is developed under the line of research “Reliability” and also “Transmission Systems Expansion Planning”.

NH2 comprises numerical models and methods that ensure flexibility and efficiency in many complementary analyses such as power flow, optimal power flow and contingency analysis. Its graphic interface allows greater versatility and productivity increase by importing ANAREDE files handling the addition of reliability data.

Besides the deterministic solution technique that allows to evaluate the impact of "N-1" network outages, the software has two reliability solution techniques: contingency enumeration and non-sequential Monte Carlo simulation, in addition to the optimization method based on the lower points in the solution of remedial measures.

The results provided by NH2 statistically measure the performance of the electrical system and assist in various decision-making processes, such as comparison of alternatives and allocation of financial resources during the expansion and operation planning phase, as well as reliability indexes based on load shedding.

The main users of NH2 are: public sector entities such as the Electric System National Operator (ONS) and the Energy Research Company (EPE); the Eletrobras companies; generation, transmission and distribution agents and universities (student versions).


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