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Monitoring by Acoustic Emission of Power Transformers and Reactors


Acoustic activities in equipment such as power transformers and reactors are generally caused by mechanical, thermal or electrical phenomena. Its most common causes are: mechanical vibrations of components and accessories; switching impulses; oscillations of the electrical system; hot spots and partial discharges. Regardless of their nature, these causes may result in degradation of the insulation and lead to equipment failure.

To evaluate possible internal equipment anomalies, a tool that has been widely used is the acoustic emission. It is a non destructive testing technique of great utility in the detection of internal defects in materials and equipment. The acoustic measurement is characterized by being a preventive / predictive inspection technique, non-invasive, easy to apply, low cost, and simple to use on site.


It allows to perform tests with the equipment in operation, the detection and analysis of defects in real time, has relative immunity to electromagnetic noise and can allow the three-dimensional location of defects.



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