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BDMotor – Application to Optimize the Use of Three-phase Induction Motors


 The software BDMotor (Application to Optimize the Use of Three-phase Induction Motors) aims at supporting the user in the acquisition, replacement and repair of electric motors, performing the economic analysis and motor load calculation. It allows the characterization of the motor’s conditions, for it calculates in which load conditions the motor is found, through the measurement of one of the three easily accessible physical quantities (current, angular velocity or power).



BDMotor is composed by a data base and two analysis modules: comparison among motors and characterization of the conditions of use of a motor. The data base encompasses three-phase induction motors with voltages of 220, 380 and 440 V and power from 0.25 to 250 HP.



The main users  of BDMotor are Electric Energy Conservation Service Companies (ESCOSs) and electric energy utilities. For its development, it counts on the support from the Center for the Application of Efficient Technologies (Cate) located in the Fundão Unit.





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